CMV-Architects celebrate their 20th anniversary looking to the future


On Thursday 21 of April CMV-Arquitects celebrated their 20th anniversary at the Posada Terra Santa Hotel. The company was spearheaded by Andreu Crespí and Pep Vich, who ran into each other while travelling across the Uniter States before finishing university, and led them to the creation of the business. The architecture studio has been growing continuously, reaching 70 employees in 2016, no more, no less, and earning several architecture awards all over the world. Lately, two new associates have joined the firm, Helena Montes (1999), who has contributed through all these years to the current consolidation of the studio, and Tolo Cursach (2012), who, together with the rest of the associates, are leading the company’s growth in different business angles.

This event, attended by employees from the Palma de Majorca office, included live streaming from both the Vietnam and Brazil offices. We projected images remembering some historical moments from the company, and combining nostalgia with a healthy sense of humour, they faced the upcoming challenges that will involve all members of the architecture firm.

equipo CMV Architects

The event reached its climax with the reveal of a new corporative image and logo created for the 20th anniversary celebration, followed by handing over business cards and commemorative t-shirts to the entire team.

It was without a doubt a great night that will allow us to keep moving forward, without losing sight of the values and motivations that have brough CMV-Architects to reach 20 years. Always with a message present, just like Helena reminded everyone in her speach: “Never stop creating good architecture”.