Jeffrey Archer: “The result did indeed fulfil my expectations, and more”

Politician, novelist, writer and playwright. Jeffrey Archer is internationally known in its many facets and we had the opportunity, a decade ago, to embark on an exciting project with him

The first thing that called our attention is the name you chose for your home, ´Writer’s block´. Is that irony or maybe a sort of charm to keep true writer’s block away?

Naming my home in Mallorca ‘Writer’s Block’ isn’t meant to be any more than English humour.

You show your home with much care. Which would you say is your favourite room?

The master bedroom is my favourite room because it has such a wonderful panoramic view of the garden. It’s a perfect place to relax and concentrate before my next writing session.

You have a separate area in the main home you use for writing. What makes this room especial and what requirements did you think it should have when building it?

My Writing Room is separate from the rest of the house, and is built close to the cliff edge which is perfect, because its uninterrupted view of the Bay of Palma and the Tramuntana mountains in the distance is both peaceful and inspiring. It means I can write without any form of interruption, and in complete silence.

Why did you choose Majorca as your home? And why CMV Architects?

I’d been coming to Mallorca for many years, and staying at different places, and late in life decided it might be wise to build a home here, so I would always have one base – not to mention the joy it would give the rest of the family. The architects were chosen by my son James, and they did a first class job.

Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted from the beginning or were you open to suggestions?

As I have no knowledge of architecture, I was very much open to suggestions, though of course I put forward my ideas for what I wanted, such as my writing room.

What would you say was the biggest challenge when building this house?

I had no idea how long the build would take and how much the project would change even during construction.

Did the result fulfil your expectations?

The result did indeed fulfil my expectations, and more.