2016: a challenging year for CMV-Architects

We’re only a few months into 2016 and the work pace and enthusiasm remain high at CMV-Architects. The year started immersed in the construction of the HEI Tower in Hanoi (Vietnam). the first tower built by CMV-Architects, and of which we’ve been receiving with eagerness some pictures from Fred Wissink.

The other project that’s being constructed on the first half of this year is the house in Guarajuba, situated in Salvador de Bahía, Brazil (one of the locations where CMV-Architects has a permanent delegation). It’s a great satisfaction to see how in many occasions, reality beats fiction when a project that combines elegance and practicality comes to life in an enclave as privileged as Salvador is, bathed by the light of the Atlantic Ocean.

And on this occasion, in the island of Ibiza, where we also have an office, we’ve been working on the planning and integral execution of a project with aesthetics combining modernism and minimalism, with traditional materials such as stone, wood and marble. This is “Casa Paloma”, a beautiful construction with a view of the coast of Ibiza, and with a great natural space on its surroundings. We invite you to look at some photography of this house with character and careful interior decoration.

This is just a small sample of what the first period of the year has been like for CMV-Architects, but… work continues!